Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, mentor, and model

My name is Shadai Smith. I am a motivational speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur. Since I have been a young girl, I have seen myself leading people to the joys of doing what it is they love doing. Growing up, I was curious and fearless when it came to stepping out and doing something different. I figured trying new things will allow me to gain the experience and then in return help me to help others who didn’t have the courage to test the water just as I have.

 For the last 3 years, I have been pursing my passion as a model and actress. That led me to birth SHE Behaviour. A platform that aspires to inspire other individuals to find the confidence to pursue their dreams or passion in life. The Aries in me allows me to keep pushing forward. To know the leader inside of me will never give up, I refuse to give up on bringing others together to push forward as well.

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Shadai Smith